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Natural Cures for Stuttering

Natural Cures for Stuttering

Natural Cures for Stuttering

From the child to the adult stutterer can be cured through a consistent application of self-help therapies and techniques. There are natural cures for stuttering that can be applied/practiced on a daily basis, and will yield desirable results.

Stuttering is Not a Disease

Stuttering is not a disease. Some school of thought consider it to be an inherited weakness of the brain that is aggravated by the wrong diet. For others, stuttering is developed purely through bad habits that were formed, and/or possible psychological contributors. Whatever the cause, there is nothing wrong with your speech organs such as your tongue and throat. You can correct and overcome the bad habits and any psychological factors that may be feeding your tendency to stutter.

Stutters often find that once they are in their own company speaking or singing, they do not stutter. As a matter-of-fact, you may find that you speak very fluently once you are on your own. This is an indication that you can be cured.

In a stutterer’s brain, everything is nice and clear. The problem presents itself when you try to transmit your thoughts through speech. You know what you want to say, but the stuttering messes it up once you start speaking out loud. Your challenge will be to get the tongue and the lips to say what you want to say without any disruptions in speech. Achieving fluency in speech is very likely once you use these practical tips.

1. Learning to Manipulate Facial Muscles can be used as a Cure for Stuttering

If you pause to observe other stutterers, you may notice that for some of them the facial muscles tend to go tense whenever they start to speak. A stutterer can feel the muscles in his/her face go tense as they grapple with getting the words out correctly. This causes them to remain on the consonant of a word longer than is necessary before they can finally get it out. This can be not just humiliating, but also stressful for this person. Learning to control facial muscles can be used as a cure for stuttering.

The manipulation of facial muscles as a means of treating severe stuttering was a treatment developed by a Mrs. Edna Hill Young, and was later given more attention by a Dr. Travis. The technique proved successful in helping even children who were ‘backward” and unable to speak a single word, to overcome their speech problem. The process involves the training of the lips (done by a trainer) so that only the right sound will come out. This allows the stutterer to feel what it is like to utter the word correctly.

Adopt this Technique at Home

In your quest to find a natural cure for stuttering, you can adopt and modify this technique at home by targeting words, letters and consonants you especially have a problem uttering fluently. Once you have practiced and gotten the word out correctly over and over again it is hardly likely you will ever stutter over it again. The spin off effect of this technique is that words, letter and consonant sounds that are similar to your target word would become easier for you to utter. The use of facial manipulation as a treatment was so successful that the Rockefeller Foundation took on the financing of a large-scale training for individuals to become operators of clinics.

2. Change the Perspective You have of Your Speech Disorder


As related before, stammering is not a disease. Once you consciously acknowledge to yourself that there is nothing wrong with you physically, or that you do not have a disease, you will be on to the first step of achieving a cure for your stuttering. Stuttering is a bad habitual and psychological problem that can be corrected, and should really be corrected at childhood. People make the mistake of thinking that by ignoring the problem it will go away. This is a bad approach that has left many children taking the speech disorder with them through to adulthood. The older you become the more effort it will take to correct the problem, so it is best to start applying corrective measures as soon as you can.

Medical treatment after medical treatment can be applied, but unless the child or the adult starts to mentally let go of the habit, then all is in vain. There has to be a mental acceptance that there is a problem, as well as a strong mental determination that you will overcome the problem. Letting go, adopting and using the techniques needed to help you let go is really the first step in overcoming your stuttering.

3. Retraining your Brain is a Natural Cure for Stuttering

As you try to find a natural cure for stuttering, it is important that you understand what might have caused your stuttering in the first place. As a child you may have been forced to change your natural way of doing something because it was thought to be wrong. By forcing you to change your left-handed way of doing things to a right-handed way of doing it, your parents or guardian may have unknowingly caused a disturbance in the natural dominance of your brain before it was fully developed. It is known that each hemisphere of the brain controls the opposite side of the body. One side is normally more dominant than the other which results in some of us being right-handed while others are left-handed. When you are forced as a child to change your natural way of doing things this can cause an imbalance or disturbance in the dominance factor before your brain was fully developed.

This disturbance causes mental confusion, and affects the center of speech in the brain resulting in stuttering in the child. After age sixteen, the brain dominance (that is which side will be dominant) is established, and there will be no harm in retraining the brain to make the other side become dominant. It is now safe to turn a “southpaw” into a right-hander. As an adult you can safely retrain yourself to change your speech pattern as a means of attaining a cure for stuttering.

4. Anger Triggers Clarity – Learn to Control Your Level of Nervousness

Clinical observation of adults who stumble over their words have indicated that if you should get them mad the words they utter will be as plain as it should be. The stuttering factor seems to flee once an individual gets angry. This shows a relation between the static flow between the brain and the vocal cords. A person who is really upset is no longer overcome by nervousness, but rather more concerned with saying what’s on his/her mind.

When you are angry the cause for nervousness and self-consciousness is removed so there is a natural flow of static between the brain and the vocal organs, allowing you to utter your words clearly and fluently. Once you learn to master the technique of removing yourself from the cause of your nervousness then self-cure for stuttering is possible. Moving from a state of stuttering to achieving fluency will not be achieved overnight. You must work at it consistently.

5. Find the Source of Your Nervousness that Triggers Stuttering

For each stutterer, there is something that triggers his/her stuttering. There is an emotional connection between the two. For some it might become so normal for them it makes it harder to identify the factor(s), but it is necessary if self-help is going to be achieved. Your trigger emotion for stuttering might be the eyes of other individuals. Once no one is looking you feel ok, but if this changes and you become the center of attention, then your automatic reaction is to become nervous, freeze up and start to stutter.

If you are going to successfully find a cure for stuttering you will have to be totally honest and possibly hard on yourself at times. Getting from a stuttering to a fluent and confident speaker is not going to be easy. Once the emotional ties between your speech problem and your emotions are cut you will find it much easier to get over your problem.

  1. Increase Your Intake of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (Vitamin E, Omega 3, 6 and 9 Fish Oils)

Studies have shown a direct co-relation between a deficiency in vitamin E, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) and speech impediments. Children with Verbal Apraxia who were given supplements of the nutrients showed clinical improvements in neurological symptoms. Regression was noted in some of the children after the supplementation was stopped.

It must be noted that high doses of vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids can lead to prolonged bleeding so be cautious. It is advised that vitamin E not be taken on a daily basis, but rather allow for a few days in between. From my reading on autism, at least one mother stated that she noticed too much of the vitamin actually triggered stuttering in her child. She started giving it to him every 7 to 10 days. As usual, it is best to check with your doctor for clearance.

Natural Sources of Vitamin E

  • Almonds
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Dried Apricots
  • Peanuts
  • Cooked Taro Root
  • Cooked Spinach
  • Dried Herbs (Basil And Oregano)
  • Pickled Green Olives
  • Pine Nuts
  • Paprika and Red Chili Powder

Polyunsaturated Fat Rich Foods

  • Poultry products
  • Beef products
  • Fin fish and shellfish
  • Fats and oils
  • Dairy and egg products
  • Vegetables and vegetable products
  • Legumes and legume products
  • Nuts and seeds and their products

Neither of these lists are by any means exhausted so feel free to do some research for more foods hat are rich with these nutrients




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